Tuesday, June 24, 2008

All Because of Live - Merchandise and More!

Puffy have announced some of the merchandise they'll have available on the "All Because of Live" tour coming up next month. Ok, anybody in Japan want to pick me up some of these pins? Supposedly some of them are autographed!

They'll also have a bag available, which I don't care about but maybe some of you do - you can see it on the staff blog (modeled by Ms. Yumi) here. I wonder about the tour shirts...

I'll be doing what I did last tour - and what I plan to do for all tours - and round up the various show reports I find around the net. I know, you're wondering why I don't do this for all the festival and one-off shows too. Truth is there usually just aren't that many for those shows, and it kinda doesn't seem enough to justify a post on. Plus, I'm lazy. But I'll do it for the full tours, where I can make a more fleshed-out single post out of all the various reports.

"All Because of Live" is a mini-tour, though, so I may add a few of the festival shows onto my show review roundup as they come in too. I'll be starting on July 8.

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