Monday, June 16, 2008

Puffy Site Refresh

These site refreshes are coming so fast these days that I almost can't keep up anymore. They've moved on quickly from "All Because of You", haven't they? Especially considering it's almost two months until the release of "My Story". Even their US site is behind!

New imagery for a new single. Which apparently features lipstick for some reason. Hmmmm, I wonder why... Oh, that's right - it's an ad for a cosmetics manufacturer.

I know, I'm a little jaded. I'm getting old. Must everything be an ad these days?

If I come across this TV ad anywhere, I'll post it. Not sure if it's out yet. Nobody's uploaded it anywhere yet that I can find. I'll keep looking.

UPDATE: Puffy have posted a very large version of that new photo on their MySpace page for download to your collection. It's so large that the Photoshop compositing is a little too obvious, but they still look as good as you'd expect given the copious use of high quality Kanebo cosmetic products :)

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