Monday, November 12, 2007

US honeycreeper release in 2008?

TBB over at the forums has found this on Sony's Japanese web site:

Open it up and view the full-size image. Read it.

Now, couple things about this. It was obviously created by Puffy's US publicity agency Girlie Action, the same people who earlier sent me an email hinting at a US honeycreeper release. It was obviously intended for the press and probably for radio personnel, though it has not (yet?) been sent to their mailing list. It's also hosted on Sony Japan's web site, not Sony USA.

What that means to me is that this is still not 100% confirmation of anything. It's close, but I'm going to wait until I hear it from a US record label before I start saving up my fifteen bucks. :)

Bottom line is this could still be a plan by Puffy more than it is an actual set date by a record label. They're no doubt hoping the CD will be out in 2008, and expecting it will be. But I need to see some US label confirmation before I really believe it.

By the way, somebody want to explain the "Sweep me! Gape me! Touch me!"? What the... ?

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  1. Yeah, it's going to be released in 2008. They said so at their concert in anaheim. :D