Friday, November 9, 2007

They're coming... last chance to get your tickets!

The Puffy Plane. ANA, of course.

They're probably already here. So, just a reminder - first North American show is this weekend. Get those tickets now or take a chance on the day of the show. The full North American schedule once again (taken from Puffy's web site):

Richards on Richards @ $30.00 ADV / $35.00 DOS
1036 Richards St.
Vancouver, BC All Ages

Moore Theater @ $35.00 ADV / DOS
1932 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA All Ages

Slims@ $25.00 ADV / DOS
San Francisco, CA All Ages 6 and Over
※Note the venue change for any who might have missed it.

Key Club @ $25.00 ADV / $28.00 DOS
9401 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA All Ages

House of Blues @ $22.50 ADV / $25.00 DOS
1520 S. Disneyland Dr.
Anaheim, CA All Ages

I expect all of you to write some great show reports for us! I'm hoping to see some nice photos too. I'll be sure to link to them as I find them in my show report post, which I'll bump back up to the top after each show. If you write one and would like to notify me for inclusion in the list, either leave a comment or use the email link on the sidebar. Otherwise, I'll be doing Google and blog searches on an ongoing basis (I have Google alerts set up).

I do honestly expect to see some more detailed show reports than we saw from Japan, both because rules for photos and video are rarely enforced effectively here anymore, and because the blogging culture just seems a little more pervasive. I hope I'm right - it was like crickets chirping after those last two shows in Hiroshima and Fukuoka!

Puffy, if you or your staff are reading this, good luck on the North American tour! Wish I could catch you guys this time around.

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  1. We are going to see Puffy at the Moore Theater in Seattle in 2 days! It will be excellent to see them in person. Can't wait! I'll definitely give you a report after the show...