Thursday, November 15, 2007

Honeysweeper Tour Merchandise Up Close

Courtesy of Cerahbes, who attended the Vancouver show, and posted with permission, here are a couple pics of some of the tour merchandise that's available in North America:

Nice to see a closeup of the way they're handling autographs this time. (Also note the second printing Japanese CD.)

Unfortunately, he also said there were no "PUFFY the Monster" t-shirts available at all at this gig. Not sure if this has been true everywhere - hope not. It would really suck if they just "forgot" to bring any of these with them to North America.

Oh, incidentally, Ami has been posting some of her blog posts about the tour - in English - to their MySpace page. These are also appearing on Amigator in Japanese, but somebody's translating them - and my guess is she's doing it herself, given that they seem to be written from the start for American readers. The last one is quite long and was posted just this morning - check it out. One downer - she says she doesn't know when they'll be back to the US. Sucks for us back east who were still hoping for a quick return! (Maybe after the album's US release?)

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