Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Puffy Walkman CM and Ad Campaign

Ladies and gentlemen, Puffy's "Closet Full of Love" Walkman TV CM (or "ad" as we in the States call it):

Just as cool, Sony's posted six new print ads starring Puffy on their web site here. Here's a sample - hit the link for the rest.

Ah, to be a slave to your record label!

Lest you think these are being banished to the nether-regions of the advertising underworld, here are a couple shots a user on Mixi named バニー took at Akihabara station:

If you're a member, the original thread where these appeared can be found here.


  1. *gush*

    My girls..

    Is that some 60s hairstyle going on in the picture there?

  2. That one seems to be a 60's homage... if you click the link to see the others, they all have different styles. Some I like better than others... I just picked this one to post here because it's sort of the most generic (and I've already posted that shot where they're back-to-back).

    The ads look pretty cool all together, though - nice and colorful!

  3. Did anyone notice the lips and the diamond on Yumi? Do you think that was a play on Oriental Diamond/Kuchibiru Motion? Anyway, that was the hottest commercial for Puffy I've ever seen!