Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A little note on my source credit policy

I don't want to crowd out all the great Puffy tour news going on, and hopefully I'll have something new to post up soon, but just a little word on my policy on source credits and permission on reposting any of the content you see here to other sites or blogs.

First, I obviously have no copyright over news. You're free to republish any of the news posts you find here, as long as you either write your own original story around it or quote me directly (no plagiarism). However, in all cases, I would appreciate a credit. You found it here; it's just common courtesy. I do the same when I find news elsewhere. We're all Puffy fans and we're all in this together - we should be nice to each other. It doesn't matter what country you live in or what language you speak.

This doesn't extend to reviews or other original material. That's not "news" - those are my opinions and I don't want them republished without permission. I do, of course, appreciate links. I just don't want my stuff plagiarized.

As for photos, please just ask before using them. The reason is not all the photos here are mine, and sometimes I've been granted permission to use photos under specific conditions. You need to know if conditions exist and what they are. Fair use would usually apply, but you still should know for sure. Thanks.

If you're wondering, yes, I've seen a few things lately that prompted me to write this, but it wasn't a single person or site. Most of you guys are great about this stuff, but a few people haven't been.

Now back to our regularly scheduled Puffyness...

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