Thursday, January 17, 2008

Honeysweeper tour goods on sale via the internet

Unfortunately in Japan only, but then I know I have a lot of Japanese readers. If you missed out on seeing PUFFY on their Honeysweeper tour, you can now pretend you actually attended one of their concerts by buying various tour goods from Sony's official internet retail site Rocket Express. Fool your friends!

(Yes, just like I'm doing with my tour goods.)

They don't have everything from the tour, but they do have the PUFFY the Monster shirt pictured above, as well as the official tour shirt, the key holders and the towel.

Interestingly, they're also selling concert shirts from the Tamio Okuda vs. PUFFY doubleheader at Zepp Sapporo, if you'd like one.

If you don't live in Japan, well, you're probably SOL. Some of you may have a Japanese shipping address that you can use, in which case go for it. I'll be trying it a bit later myself for the Monster t-shirt, which wasn't available at North American shows, though I'm not sure if Rocket Express accepts non-Japanese credit cards. (My guess: no.)

Keep in mind that Japanese shirt sizes run very small, even compared directly against the same size in the US. (In other words, a Japanese large is about the same size as a US medium.)

By the way, I've got a special video treat for you guys hopefully later today, if YouTube ever decides to finish processing my upload.

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