Thursday, January 17, 2008

Music Fighter 01/11/08

Last week, the Japanese TV program "Music Fighter" had sort of a retrospective on some of their favorite moments from the show in 2007. PUFFY actually made it in there twice. I actually missed their first appearance when it was on originally, though some of you may have seen it - but they also do what seems to be a little follow-up after the clip, which is new. The clip and follow-up are below.

The second appearance I posted here before, but again, there's some new footage of Tamio Okuda afterwards that some of you may be interested in.

The first clip is actually a little disturbing!

I love how mortified Yumi looks. I feel a little bad for her!

I wish I could translate even a little of this, but I honestly have no friggin' clue what they're saying. Maybe later!

Well, it's later. I can give you the gist, at least. Yumi apparently is not familiar with too many Japanese comedians, so Ami wanted to introduce her to one. She chose this guy. So this is basically a big joke being played on Yumi. In the follow-up segment, Yumi says she really didn't know what to do; her reaction was genuine.

That's about all I got...

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