Wednesday, January 23, 2008

iTunes Top 38

I just thought this was interesting, is all - my top 38 "most played" iPod songs (38 because that's what would fit on screen for a screenshot). I always thought my tastes were a little more varied than this. Click the image to open the full size version.

Apparently, I favor female leads!

I guess you can also take that as somewhat indicative of my favorite PUFFY songs. Though this is by no means definitive; I still listen to CD's in the car, for example, and Paramore, Foo Fighters and Kaela have all gotten a lot more car stereo play in the past few months than PUFFY. (No offense to PUFFY, but I do listen to other things!) I also carry a full stock of PUFFY CD's with me, so no doubt various songs have been listened to more than shown here.

By the way, PUFFY apparently just finished recording one song in Los Angeles, and their latest English staff blog post mentions a mystery person they were recording with who's "always funny". Gotta be either Butch Walker or Andy Sturmer, don't you think? (I'm nostalgically hoping for the latter... no offense, Butch!)

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  1. Well, I HOPE this will be on a separate release from the US "Honeycreeper" and saved for the NEXT one. Thanks as always for keeping me informed. Vince