Thursday, January 10, 2008

Official Site Refresh

PUFFY (and their alter ego Puffy AmiYumi) refreshed both their English and Japanese official sites today with a photo that suggests that the Shojo Beat cover was not just a one-off taken by the magazine - looks to be part of a new campaign of some sort. They don't refresh their official site imagery for nothing, and certainly not just to celebrate a US magazine cover.

Could this be the start of their US marketing? Are they going all traditional Japanese on us? Might not be a bad move - it's not like they can hide their origins, and Japan in general has been hot in American pop culture for a few years now. Still, this is pretty far out for the kind of band they are, so I'm not entirely convinced that this is really the image Sony's going to promote for the album here. But if not, then what's it for? What are they promoting? (Remember that both territories got the same site update too, not just the US.)

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