Wednesday, January 9, 2008

PUFFY on the Cover of "Shojo Beat"

PUFFY have announced via their various blogs that they've made it onto the cover of US-based magazine Shojo Beat's next issue, due to hit newsstands on January 15th. I don't know much about this magazine - it's not really my kind of rag - but apparently there will be a pretty extensive interview to go with the cover shot.

Not quite as much of a coup as when PUFFY made the cover of PAPER magazine - and I think that's really more the audience they should be cultivating (ie. people like myself) - but still, a US magazine cover is a US magazine cover. I'll be picking it up to see what they have to say, even though it's definitely not the sort of thing you'd see me buying in a normal month. But hey! You never know, maybe it'll enamor me of the shojo anime scene. (Probably not.)

I will say it's interesting to see that "Baby the Stars Shine Bright" - the clothing store/label featured in the awesome Tetsuya Nakashima film Kamikaze Girls (aka Shimotsuma Monogatari) - is advertising to westerners on the Shojo Beat web site. Everything in the universe is all tied together!

By the way, does anyone know if is correct when it says Csaba Csere - the grey-haired, balding journalist of the last three decades at Car & Driver Magazine - is also the editor of Shojo Beat??

UPDATE: At least part of the cover story interview, if not all of it, is now on Shojo Beat's web site here. Thanks to Andrew at for the heads up!

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