Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"My Story" Release Day

Today is August 6th, which of course is the release date of Puffy's latest single "My Story". I'm waiting for my copy in the mail - it shipped by EMS yesterday, so should be here within the next couple days. You'll see a full review shortly thereafter, though with only two original songs, it's probably not going to be a long one. I'm actually most interested in Volume 2 of the Shibuya AX live DVD (still available with the limited edition! Hurry!), and I'll have some screen grabs of that as well.

Incidentally, I'm actually not sure how long this has been up there, but you can now take a listen to a sample from the single's b-side "Twilight Shooting Star" on this page of Puffy's official site. Hard for me to judge what I think of it - I'll wait to post my thoughts for the review.

For those of you that have the single already, what do you think?


  1. Mine is on the way via EMS, also. The MP3s are already out there, and I like both new songs. I'm also most excited about the DVD. I've been watching my Puffy DVDs/VCDs lately in anticipation.

    Randall Flagg

  2. Yeah I figured the mp3's were out there, but I don't even like to mention that. This is Puffy, for god's sake - one of the few musical acts I like that I also think both needs and deserves the direct financial support of their fans.

    I can wait to hear my purchased copy of the single... I've heard the title track as it is, and honestly, from the little snippet on their web site, I'm not sure I'm gonna be too into the b-side anyway. And really, I have zero interest in the All Because of You remix.

  3. Well, I certainly wasn't posting about them as advertising (I like owning the real thing when it comes to my music). I was just saying where I had heard them. I'm very impatient when it comes to waiting for stuff. I like the b-side, and the remix didn't have me furiously reaching for the stop key.

    Anyway, I think we can both agree on the fact that the DVD will be worth the price of admission.


  4. Oh yeah, and I realize I probably sounded like kind of a jerk in my earlier reply. I really didn't mean to take such a scolding tone. I wasn't really replying to your comment but just generally to the idea that "hey, a new single's out, let's go download it!" that a lot of people have these days.

    honestly, if there was no other way to hear it, I'd probably have downloaded it. I was just saying I don't really need it because I've seen the video; that's the great thing about the internet, and I hope record labels at some point collectively realize that YouTube's a big promotional tool. (Tofu Records did, but Sony doesn't seem so liberal in their views.)

    Anyway, being able to see the video whenever I want has let me feel like I can wait for the CD to arrive.