Friday, August 8, 2008

Cartoon KAT-TUN with guests PUFFY

As I write up some thoughts on "My Story", wile away the hours with this - PUFFY on Cartoon KAT-TUN a couple of days ago:

Haven't even watched it all the way through myself! Hopefully there's nothing untoward in there.

Ami could use a haircut.

UPDATE! This appearance is getting a lot of blog and BBS mentions around the net. Is this show popular? I really don't know much about it. Hopefully it'll help them sell some records.


  1. Kat-tun is an all boy band group... they are a lot of popular in Japan!
    It's something like PUFFY and PAPAPAPAPUFFY... ^^

    I can't watch it 'cause veoh is no longer available in my country... T_T but it's subtittled?
    'cuz just wait some days and you'll find with eng-subs on crunchyroll... ^^

    ja ne!

  2. ah! I forgot to say one thing...
    when All Because Of You was relased, Kat-tun has released their single some days before(i don't remember)... and they were on #1 on the ranking for some weeks...