Sunday, August 24, 2008

Excite Music Interview

I know, I've been a little slow to update this month with the exception of the "My Story" news and reviews. Part of it's just that it's still summer - I'm a little bit checked out in general, and now's about the time when I start to get depressed about the coming cold weather. I've also been just obsessed with the Olympics the last two weeks - it seems like I've been doing nothing else but watch them. But that's over now... (sniff).

Anyway, one bit of news that I missed a week or two ago is this new Excite Music interview with Puffy - they did one a while back after "All Because of You" and it seems that they've updated with a new one. It's quite long. For you English speakers, check out the Google translation, which is hilariously incoherent. Maybe one of the other services does a better job.

btw, that pic above is totally random - Excite just didn't have a photo to go with the interview. Have you all seen Puffy modeling kimono for KIE? Probably most of you have - it's a couple years old.

I'll check around and see what else my focus on tabletop games and pseudo-sports over the past 16 days has led me to miss.


  1. In the interview site I found a link to " Koh Shibasaki Live Report ". She is a very famous actress everybody knows in Japan. Couples of her songs made hits in last years as well.

    I think she started with singing, but became more successful as an actress. Probably it went similar with Puffy. Ordinary people don't know resent Puffy's music, but know them more as entertainers or ad TV commercial characters. At least it doesn't seem to me Puffy adhere strongly to only good music.

  2. Sorry, I meant " recent Puffy's music, " ...