Monday, August 18, 2008

My Story "Live"

These are a little old now, but I hadn't posted 'em yet so I may as well.

Japanese music shows are really starting to suck. I don't remember them going so heavy on the pre-recorded instrumentation and the backing tracks 7 or 8 years ago. The band may as well not even be there. And cutting a four minute song down to two minutes?? That's a low blow. This is Music Japan, and this barely qualifies as "live":

Another one - from The M:

Blah. It's not Puffy's fault, though - I want to hear them play it for real.

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  1. These could have been a lot better, I agree, but I still appreciate you posting them.

    Ami's displaying that new, intense performing style and is quite fetching here. And Yumi appears to again be sporting big footwear in the second video (although the edited performance doesn't provide enough opportunities to be really sure).