Saturday, May 3, 2008

Puffy on Our Music 2

Not sure how old this is, but I'm gonna guess 2006. I looked around for it on the net before uploading, didn't see it. So my bet is not many of you have seen it either.

I haven't attempted to understand what they're talking about, so unfortunately I'm gonna be no help for my American readers. But be sure to stick around for the performance of Boogie Woogie #5 in full kimono towards the end. I'll say at least that my understanding is that on this show, a celebrity interviews their favorite musicians. This guy is not an interviewer; he's an actor and a dancer. And I believe he's friends with the girls, so he chose them. (I may have a detail or two wrong, but that's the basic gist.) (Update: I've got it backwards. See Cheshire Cat's comment below for more info.)

To anyone looking at this via RSS, come to the actual blog to watch the video - Veoh doesn't work in most RSS readers.


  1. 1) This show is sort of a "peer interview" show. The producer of it selects one main guest (this time it's Puffy according to the narration @00:07), and then the main guest selects one who they want to talk with. The second guest is usually another celebrity who the first likes or admires personally, but sometimes just a co-worker for a specific event (such as movies or dramas) to adviertise that event.

    2) Takenaka Naoto is a really famous actor, comedian, singer and director. As you can imagine from his arrival scene, his specialty is at a very hillarious supportive act in movies.

    3) The reason Puffy called him was to ask "Why didn't you invite us as an actress for your new movie? You promised to call us." (This is the first question they asked before animation part)

    4) Around 05:20, Ami's pregnency story - she didn't realize that she was pregnant when Puffy were doing first US tour.

    5) After this, I don't understand quite well. I believe they talked about their experience in US, how fun it is to have some drink with friends in their ordinary life.

    6) After Boogie Woogie #5, Yumi & Takenaka talked acting as a profession, what Ami think about they should do for their music - not trying to hard to deliver a meaningfull message but trying to show how happy they are with their music.

    7) Thank you for the clip. =)

  2. As a foreigner who learned some English and who did not learned Japanese at all, I think above is as far as I can contribute to your blog. Anything I said could be wrong, for I am only guessing what they say based on my knowledge obtained from many hours of watching Japanese movies and animations, plus the subtitle written in Chinese characters.

  3. Thanks for helping out! I guess I had it basically backwards. My wife had sort of told me what was going on when I was first watching the clip, but that was a while ago now and I sort of flipped things around.

    But thanks for all the info. I'll add a line to the post telling people to make sure to read your comment.