Thursday, May 15, 2008

CQA - Yumi's Side Project - is Having a Concert

Heads up for those of you in Japan. The on-again, off-again side project band CQA, with Yumi Yoshimura on lead vocals, is having their first concert in three years on May 18. They'll be appearing at the Chelsea Hotel in Tokyo alongside Poni-Camp and The Husky.

Supposedly it's a sold out show, but who knows, do scalpers exist in Japan? I really have no idea. Why not head down to the venue and see if they're selling tickets on the day of the show?

Wish I could go - it'd be interesting (to say the least) to see Yumi singing solo lead in another rock band. Their MySpace page says they're all "too busy" to do much with the band at this point, so this will probably be your only chance for a while.

Somebody did approve my MySpace friend request pretty quick, though... so one of them is probably maintaining that page. (They're unsigned, so I doubt they have a staff.)

btw, thanks to yom1970 for originally letting the non-Japanese speakers among us know about this.

UPDATE: It's now after the 18th - anyone go?

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