Monday, May 19, 2008

Excite Music Puffy Close-up

It's all Japanese, but Excite Japan - which is much more of a portal (and much bigger) than Excite is in the US - has posted a "close-up" on PUFFY that includes a long interview, a new video, and some more junk. Click the tabs at the top of the lower section of the page for the different sections. I've tried translating the interview and it's coming out mostly unintelligible - not sure if they're using funky Japanese or if Google's just having a bad day. I'll see if I can get the gist of some of what they're saying later - though obviously, it's all about "All Because of You" and how it came to be.

btw, props to Ami for the David Bowie t-shirt!

There have been some recent TV appearances as well - I'm working on getting some clips, or if I see that anyone else has posted any, I'll link to them here.

UPDATE: Well waddya know, here's one now - bonus video of "Oriental Diamond" from Music Fair on 5/17!

I also got notice this morning that CD Japan has shipped my copy of "All Because of You" two days early, so hopefully I'll have it on the actual release date. I'll be posting my review shortly afterwards.

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