Saturday, May 3, 2008

All Because of You TV Clip

Just a snippet - full song should follow shortly.

Yup. Sounds like Avril Lavigne.


  1. Yeah it does....
    I hate to say it though but Ami's english voice does sound a bit like Avril's e.g Security Blanket
    and Ami's voice always stands out in the english songs because she speaks better than yeh.

  2. I'll probably mention this in my single review too but I don't really have a problem with Avril's voice - I think she has a good punk voice if that's the kind of music she really wanted to be singing. I think she's kind of wasting it.

    So the fact that Ami's voice sounds similar I don't think is really a bad thing. It all just depends on the music. Obviously, I like Puffy's music better.

    Seriously, though, is it just me or does this REALLY sound like Avril singing? I mean look at Yumi - she's not even mouthing the words properly, but I don't hear any real accent. Even Ami has more of an accent than this. Listen to the way they sing "You" - that's not a pronunciation that a Japanese person is going to make, that's an American emo-singer pronunciation. It's an Avril pronunciation.

    I think there's at least a possibility that Avril's actually singing on this, as some sort of "backing track" that's really forward in the mix and actually overpowering Ami and Yumi. Annoying as hell if that's the case.

  3. I hope that isnt the case. Lol when Yumi mimes in english she doesn't usually pronounce the words properly anyway she just kinda opens her mouth most of the time lol.

  4. Dood, there is DEFINITELY someone else providing backing vocals here. It might actually be Avril herself.

    I REALLY LOVE the 80s feel to this video! I REALLY LOVE IT!!!!!

    If I'm right, the full video will be released on May 12. I CAN HARDLY WAIT!

  5. Oh, sorry dood, scratch that last part. I assumed that the music video would come out May 12 because the music videos for boom boom beat and Kuchibiru Motion came out 9 days before the release of the CD...

    The PV is OUT NOW!!! I EFFIN' LOVE IT!!!!! But, it's kinda not like them...?

  6. It's a clip from a music TV show, not a commercial. :)

  7. Woops, corrected, thanks :)