Monday, May 19, 2008

Puffy on Hey! Hey! Hey! All Because of You Live

Second post today, and guess what? Not the last. Oh yes, there's more!

Not sure who actually posted this to YouTube (I have my suspicions), but here's PUFFY on Japanese music show "Hey! Hey! Hey!" today. The dude who put this up works fast! Be sure to stick around for the first live performance I've seen (though not the first televised) of "All Because of You".

The fallout from their infamous Jimmy Kimmel Live interview continues, almost four years on. I'm actually really curious what they're saying about it.

I feel bad for the guy, though. He clearly wasn't prepared - my guess is they were a last-minute sub and were maybe intended originally just to be a musical guest. And that's gotta be a hard interview even under the best circumstances, given the language barrier and the live TV setting. But man, some people are better at improvising than others, I guess.

Little update: Ami and Yumi also think he had no idea who they were. A lot of their banter is about how Ami's the only one that got a good chair - and Ami thought she had to be the interpreter. It was obviously an awkward interview for them.

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  1. Everybody in the show (including two main MC's, narrator, Puffy themselves, etc) are making fun of it.

    1)2:03-2:19 (a real news announcer with sarcastic/pretended-serious tone) Although Puffy are one of the well-known Japanese celebrity in US, the MC who invited them to his show is proved not to know about them at all.

    2)3:10-3:21 (narration) In front of Puffy, why is he start making conversation with the translator first?

    3)3:22-3:39 (narration) Moreover, it seems Puffy are having some trouble with following a very weird American joke (obviously he asked very silly question; to ask Japanese whether they have ever eaten Sushi. you can see Puffy are trying to chime in by answering "maybe")

    4)3:53-4:00 (Yumi) First of all, the arrangement of the chair was wrong. Isn't it a normal way of thinking that we should sit together in one couch on TV show, and the translator gets her own chair at the far side?

    5)4:00-4:02 (Ami) The arrangement makes "ME" look like a translator. :P