Monday, December 8, 2008

Docomo Sound Style. Son of a...

So I was literally just at Asahiya and Kinokuniya bookstore looking for that InRed issue (found it! Scans coming later), and I trudge all the way back in the sub-freezing weather only to find this site as soon as I return. Then I remember seeing "Sou... Sty..." in the corner of a magazine in the rack, with those the only words visible (being blocked by another magazine to its right) and with the image covered by the rack itself. Argh! If only I had known...

I'll see if I can make another trip back to the store tomorrow. I'm not even sure it's the correct issue, but now I need to check.

Honestly, this might be my favorite picture of them together in quite a while. I know it's not a fashion photo, or a high-end shoot or anything, but maybe by chance, they both look their best up there.

I'll hopefully be able to scan InRed tonight. It's only a two-page spread, then an all-text interview of some sort (probably focused on fashion, so not too interesting to me). The photos are big and beautiful - a computer screen isn't going to do them justice.

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