Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is this anything?

The debate rages! New photo or old?

As I say at the forum thread linked above, I swear I've seen this before - but maybe I'm wrong. Is this a new photo taken specifically to promote the Genji anime? Might it end up being the single cover for "Hiyori Hime" as NejiPooshon speculates? Or is it simply an old PR photo that some news organization dug up to attach to an announcement for the upcoming anime series?

To me, Ami's hair style is all wrong (Yumi's is plausible) and what's with the oddly cropped-out background? This borders on being a Photoshop Disaster! It definitely lacks the polished look of Puffy's recent PR and other photos. And the straight hair looks quite retro to me. (Though other things about it do look new, like Yumi's blonde streak and bangs.)

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  1. oh gosh, i'm just praying 'cause this pic can't be "Hiyori Hime"'s cover.xDBut if this pic be the cover, i'll try to be ok and wait for the next release. >.<"