Saturday, December 6, 2008

Next single announced!

PUFFY announced today that their next single is coming February 25 (as I figured, more than a month still to wait!) and will be a collaboration with fellow pop star Shiina Ringo.

New Single "Hiyori Hime"
2009.02.25 In Stores!!
Limited Edition: KSCL 1343 ~ 1344 / 1500 yen (tax incl.)
Normal Edition: KSCL 1345 / 1,223 yen (tax incl.)

Track Listing:

1. Hiyori Hime
3. My Story variation by agraph

The song's also going to be the theme for the anime "Genji monogatari sennenki", which is apparently an adaptation a pretty well-known story and probably will be pretty popular. So, a pretty nice coup for Puffy all the way around.

The "limited edition", like the last two singles, will come with another DVD of live songs from the "honeysweeper" tour. Apparently only four songs again, which is not what we were promised - and that makes me wonder if there's not still more that they're holding back for some reason (*cough* album bonus *cough*). The track list of the live DVD:

1. Kuchibiru Motion
2. Hataraku Otoko
3. Jet Police
4. Asia no Junshin

In case you're wondering what we're still missing from that performance after these three singles, it's a pretty long list and would make a great future bonus:

Hayai Kurima
Teen Titans Theme
Umi Eto
Basket Case
Closet Full of Love
Hi Hi
Radio Tokyo
Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio?

Bear in mind that all of these were obviously filmed - they didn't just turn all the cameras off in between songs every once in a while. So high quality HD footage of these songs exists, though it may or may not have been edited already. Several of those songs are unavailable on any other live DVD. That last one has never been recorded by PUFFY anywhere else at all. So it would obviously be great to have it at some point.


  1. That's great news. It's not up on CD-Japan yet but I'll be ordering the DVD version ASAP. :-)

    I'm visiting Tokyo soon and I'll definitely be looking out for some of their older singles that I haven't collected yet.

  2. I'll have a link to the single here as soon as CD Japan posts it, so please go through here if you can!

    I'm jealous of your Japan trip - I didn't get to go this year. (I'll be going again next year.) As for Puffy singles, for new (as in unopened) stuff, I had the best luck with HMV in Shibuya. They had a huge Puffy section, including compilations and whatnot. Book*Off is where you want to go for used stuff, but it's hit or miss. I did buy the "Akai Buranko" single there for 200 yen. They're also pretty much the only place you will have a chance of finding old Puffy DVD's right now, though they only ever seem to have one or two. Better than nothing, though.

  3. Thanks for the tip, Jeff. :-)