Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The past two nights, Puffy has been helping ring in the new year as part of the annual COUNTDOWN JAPAN music festival. By a happy chance, the festival takes place in both Osaka and "Tokyo" (really Makuhari), so with performances in each city, both girls got to play in front of sort of a home crowd (though Yumi calls Tokyo home these days, and Makuhari is not actually Tokyo).

The COUNTDOWN web site has now posted a "quick report" on these shows, and the official blog has posted a set list. Since it's currently only in Japanese, I'll romanize it here:

(Woops! Now in English too! Well, still..)

1. Nagisa ni Matsuwaru etc.
2. Circuit no Musume
3. Hiyori Hime
4. Hi Hi
5. My Story
6. Nichiyoubi yori no Shisha
7. boom boom beat
8. Tokyo I'm on My Way
9. Asia no Junshin

Song 6 is a cover of a High-Lows song - they're a Japanese punk band. That's the song where Ami busted out her White Falcon, while Yumi sang solo. (No pictures, unfortunately!) So, another new surprise. I do like the fact that they're trying some different things each time they go out these days.

Here are the links to the two "quick reports":
12/29 - Osaka - Planet Stage
12/30 - Makuhari - Galaxy Stage

The text says they're starting a winter break today, so we may not hear much from them over the next few weeks. I'll be watching anyway... and I've still got my New Year's predictions coming up!


  1. I'm waiting to see a video of the performance of Hiyori Hime ^__^
    Is's a nice setlist
    strange ABOY is missing...perhaps they realised how terrible this song was hehehe xD

    by the way...the cover art for the single is so much better than the picture on the official home page! HUAHAUHAUAHUAHUA
    I guess the new album will only come up by May or latter (unfortunately...)

  2. Hey, what's up with all the matching outfits lately?

  3. I think the matching outfits are just sort of a throwback to the old days... they seemed to have made a conscious decision a while back to try to turn back the clock and give their Japanese fans more of what they're known for there.