Monday, September 29, 2008

Puffy on the CDTV 15th Anniversary Special

Couple nights ago, Puffy appeared on the 15 year anniversary special of TBS's CDTV (aka Countdown TV) alongside other major names including Ayumi Hamasaki, a reunited Southern All Stars, Glay, Kumi Koda and others. The special itself was four hours long - it was a pretty major TV event. Puffy appeared both in a short interview segment and later for a "live" performance, although like all of their TV appearances lately, it's obvious the band isn't really playing.

Here they are, watch it while it's hot:

Higher quality version is here.

If you're wondering what everybody laughs at towards the end of the interview, Ami was talking about about how she wanted to be a flight attendant before joining Puffy. One of the guys asks her "well, aren't you glad you formed Puffy instead?" and she replies with something like "I'm not sure yet."

As for the performance, I wasn't sure whether it was them or the various TV shows apparently insisting on a pre-recorded backing band these days (Enapou's just playing air guitar back there), but I did notice that several of the other bands on this show seemed to be playing really, actually live. So, disappointingly, it seems like it may be Puffy themselves responsible for this.

Seems odd that they'd play "All Because of You" rather than their newer single, doesn't it?


  1. I've been rather dense, I think.

    Enapou would be the former "Ena" who played guitar in Lolita No. 18? How many blond, female, buzzsaw guitarists can there be in Japan? OK, probably more than I'd guess, but still...

  2. Yeah, one and the same - she apparently changed her name. I was surprised to learn this myself - actually TBB mentioned it in the forums a while back, but I'd forgotten until after I'd written this post. Originally I had written "Enazou" up there, which was her old name. I looked her up on Google for some reason, I think maybe to see if she was calling herself a full-fledged member of Puffy's band these days (she's almost always with them), and I saw the name change again.

    This has given me an idea for another post, though, so I'm not gonna write anymore now :)

    There's a lot to say about her on a Puffy blog.