Friday, September 26, 2008

Labels Borked

If you're lucky and have actually seen them working, then you might know that I normally have nice Ajax labels that pop open a little box full of post links at the top when you click one of the post labels/categories below posts or in the sidebar. Well, that broke. And I don't know why. So for now, I've reverted back to Blogger's ugly old style labels. Click one and you'll see. I'll keep working on fixing them, but ugh!

Also, I know the link to Yowavinalaaaafincha? in the top right isn't working either. CD Japan removed it from their site for some reason. I'll look further into that tonight.

Update: See the comments. Snuff tribute link is working again.


  1. Very strange about the Snuff tribute disc. It doesn't show up under a search for Puffy or even from my order page. If it got pulled for some reason, at least mine shipped.


  2. CD Japan is a little weird sometimes. I've had to explicitly ask them to add (or re-add) a title to their listings on several occasions - even something fairly new.

    Your post reminded me that I was planning to order Yowavinalaaaafincha from CD Japan this weekend. It was already in my cart from an earlier visit, but when I checked out there was an error.

    Maybe emailing them again will help. Let you know.


  3. Email received from CD Japan:

    "Thank you for contacting us. We made a correction on our site, and item below is now available for order through our site. Please refer the link below.

    Yowavinalaaaafincha? -A Tribute To Snuff-

    If you have any question, please feel free to let us know."

    Your link at the top right appears to get me to the CD Japan listing, Jeff, but I can't tell if you'll get credit for the click. Are there still old/new link style problems to be resolved?


  4. Thanks for checking with them - it looks like they just added it back where it used to be. I'll get credit for orders through my link at the top, yeah - I made that link when they originally had it up, and it seems to still be on the same page.

    Seems like somebody probably unpublished that page by mistake, but didn't actually remove it from the database.

  5. btw, thanks if you did order it! I see at least one person did, maybe more. I'm up to almost ten whole dollars in commissions now! :)

    It's not much, but maybe by the time their next album is released, I can almost cover half of it. Hey, it's better than nothing!

  6. Probably was me (with a side order of Ry Cooder).

    I used my whole accumulated 100 points toward the CD (worth about a dollar). That balance never gets very high either!

  7. it because google change the google api...

    you have to change the js to fixed it...

    don't know how...