Monday, September 22, 2008

M-ON!×HMV 10th Anniversary GG08 Concert Report (translated!)

Thanks to two people for this: 老犬 (Old Dog, or Rouken) for writing the original Japanese, and TofuUnion for translating it to English and sending it to me. I've just cleaned it up a little bit (as much as I could), as TofuUnion suggested I should. I'm not sure about the meaning of everything myself, though, but it's still a lot better than a Google translation!

Anyway, this is a translation of post #2197 at Sumairu Puffy, a report on Puffy's performance at this show/festival/whatever, where they appeared with the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra.

Shinkiba Concert:

First, the set list.

1. Tokyo I'm On My Way 2. boom boom beat
3. That's the way it is. 4. Oriental Diamond
5. All Because Of You 6. Puffy the Monster (Members introduction) 7.
Basket Case
8. My Story 9. Nagisa ni Matsuwaru, etc. 10. Jet Police 11. Asia no Junshin

First appearing was concert planner George Williams. Then came the usual flow of the SE (???) and the show started. Most of the audience were I think Ska Para fans. The audience was so hyped from the first song, maybe more than at a Puffy solo concert. Puffy sang in good voice conditions. It felt really very good.

The most impressive MC was by 175R, very long but more than that. I cannot remember it too well.

"We are glad Ska Para are to play today." and then Puffy looked back to the band members. "Ska Para members must have 2 types of dresses coming with, so could we borrow one of them?"
"Or they can get dressed in our longer dresses? Say, but I only have two pairs."
"I have relatives coming later. It is unlikely, but forget about us, I said."

Yumi asked Ami, "What will you do for your 35th birthday?"
Ami: "Well, drinking."
Yumi: "Why?"
Ami: "Yesterday I got drinking 3 centimeters." (???)
Yumi: "Ah!"
Ami: "and alcohol the day before too."
Yumi: "What? What happened? Hey, if you have personal problems, talk to me!"
Ami: "Well, I want to be an adult drinker having fun, that's all."

"Yeah, Avril came to play live in the Tokyo Dome ... "
Ami: "It was like Atami resort" "Penlight looded like field fires in the distance."

I remember something like that. I think other people will write in their blog, so please see them. Anyway, many times we've gotten good laughs.

It was a shame, Puffy did not collaborate with Ska Para.
Puffy came out at the encore of Ska Para, but they just blew and shook with towels and danced.

"HAZUMURIZUMU" "Neji Potion" "Boogie Woogie № 5". I expected a lot of collaborative songs.

Do they not realize it anymore?

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