Sunday, April 19, 2009

The big news - here's the deal

Making an announcement of an announcement almost always results in a little bit of overhype. If you ask me, announcing an announcement should really be reserved for truly Earth-shattering, head-exploding news. This isn't that.

The big news announced at 8AM today was that PUFFY's going to be doing a cover of a 1980 hit called "Wedding Bell" that will also be used as the theme song for a prime-time TV drama. And "Wedding Bell" will appear on their forthcoming album Bring It! And it sounds like it may in fact be their next single too - it'll be released as a ring tone on May 2, with the release of the full song (to mobile phones) a few weeks later. No word on whether a packaged release is coming (separate from the album, that is), so it may or may not be an actual single. They may be seeing how it goes.

Now, all this probably is fairly big news in Japan, where a lot of their fans likely grew up with this song and where having a prime time TV theme song is a big deal. And it is good news for them. I'm obviously looking at it from a little different perspective, so I can't help but be slightly disappointed that the "important news" today was the announcement of yet another cover song after we just had an album full of them (I'm officially suffering "cover fatigue"). My big hope was for word of a world tour, or some "Bring It!" artwork, or a new TV show (starring them), or some song samples or something.

Guess all that'll have to wait.

By the way, if you're curious, this is "Wedding Bell":

Depends on what PUFFY does with it, I suppose. Maybe they'll call in Enapou and go all "Nantettatte Idol" on its ass.

UPDATE: Well, not quite. Here's PUFFY's version (thanks Bonsaipark!):


  1. Looks like someone's already posted the opening credits of the television show to YouTube. I'm not sure how to post a link here, but a search for Konkatsu Wedding Bell should turn it up.

    I didn't know what to expect from this announcement. There's been a lot of head-exploding news lately, so in a way I'm actually kinda relieved. Coulda been worse.

  2. I am not exactly excited by the song, but everything else related to it is a pretty big deal. Ultimately if it translated to money for them and marketing that is great.

    But I totally agree about cover fatigue... I just got my copy of the cover album... guess i should roll into your posting on that.