Friday, May 22, 2009

Bring It! and other updates

No, I'm not dead. I know, it's been more than a month since my last post. I'm now literally running four blogs (including a professional one for my day job), plus an online store. I'm spread pretty thin right now.

I've missed quite a bit of news. Or rather, some news I missed, other news I didn't miss but just didn't have time to post. Like, for example, this:

That's PUFFY hawking Bifidus yogurt. They're Japan's version of Jamie Lee Curtis. (Hope they didn't have an unhappy accident during filming.) Want more? No problem!

In the background, you can hear one of the songs from Bring It! No, I don't know which one. Maybe somebody else does.

What I do know, because it was released like a month ago now, is the track listing to the album. I've never posted it, though, so I may as well do it now:

1. I Don't Wanna (Words & Music: Butch Walker & Avril Lavigne)
2. My Story (Words:PUFFY Music:Anders Hellgren & David Myhr)
  *Kanebo "Lavshuca" TV commercial song
3. Bye Bye (Words & Music: Masahiko Shimura)
4. My Hero! (Words & Music: Roger Joseph Manning Jr.)
5. Shuen no Onna (Words & Music: Ringo Shiina)
6. DOKI DOKI (Words & Music: Masahiko Shimura)
  *Morinaga Milk Eskimo "MOW" commercial song
7. Twilight Shooting Star! (Words & Music: Sawao Yamanaka)
8. Hare Onna (Words & Music: Kazuyoshi Saito)
9. All Because Of You (Words & Music: Butch Walker & Avril Lavigne)
10. Anata to Watashi (Words: PUFFY Music: Yuta Saito)
11. Hiyori Hime (Words & Music: Ringo Shiina)
  *Animation "Genji Sennenki" opening theme song
12. Bring it on   (Words: Ami Onuki Music: Takeshi Hosomi)
"Bring it back !"
  Wedding Bell (Words & Music: Yoshiaki Furuta)
  *FujiTV drama "Konkastsu" theme song

As previously announced, the limited edition version ships with a DVD of their 2005 concert at the Fillmore in San Francisco.

A few random thoughts on this:

1. No Tamio Okuda! Pretty disappointing. Is this the first time they've ever released an album without either Tamio Okuda or Andy Sturmer contributing at least one song?

2. By my count, I already know (and own) five of the 12 songs through singles.

3. Not one, but two Shiina Ringo songs! Makes me wonder, though. "Hiyori Hime" is not my favorite, either among PUFFY's or Shiina Ringo's body of work. Were they holding back the better song, or is it more of an afterthought?

4. Similarly, two "Butch Walker & Avril Lavigne" songs, which I think we probably know really means two Butch Walker songs, with some vapid teen-friendly lyrics by Avril Lavigne. I don't have my hopes up (especially with a title like "I Don't Wanna").

Overall I am obviously looking forward to it, though I feel a strong danger of slipping into the typecast of one of those annoying fans of any band that's constantly going on about their "old stuff". I hope that doesn't happen.

BTW, the limited edition album cover is (currently) above and to your right - the regular is below.

Thoughts? I'm still deciding. I do understand what they're going for, design-wise.

I'll see what else I've missed recently and post any more updates as warranted and as time permits.


  1. I'm confused. CD Japan shows the limited edition cover as being the green design, whilst the regular edition is purple.

    I'ma bigger fan of the purple, to be honest, and I hope that it's indeed the limited edition cover because I think it's a much stronger picture.

  2. Seems to require more investigation. The picture in the upper right is coming in automatically from CD Japan - I didn't put it there. The big green picture in the post is from Amazon's listing of the regular edition.

    I'll check around a bit more, but my thinking is that CD Japan probably has the wrong picture on the product listing.

  3. Ah, I see. Thanks for the clarification.

  4. Well, I dunno now. HMV shows the opposite of what Amazon has for the cover, and CD Japan is mixing them up even among the same version. (Like I said, they attached that image up there based on the product number - if it links to the SE, then that's the image they made for the SE ads of that size. I haven't changed anything since there used to be a blank image up there.)

    Maybe nobody really knows which is which. It would be pretty funny if Sony or Ki/oon just sent the artwork out without explaining the difference. But maybe something like that happened.

    I'm sure it will be clarified/fixed at some point. I think the artwork was only released in the past week.

    I think I actually like the green one better. It's a little weirder, which I like. They're both kind of leaning over at an odd angle, they're framed so it looks like they're floating in space, and they both have these blank looks on their faces. It's a non-sequitur. The purple one is too, but it's a *little* more conventional looking, so isn't quite as comically absurd to me.

  5. I can not say I like the cover at all...

  6. This kinda feels like they are sweeping the cupboards clean... It feels really odd not having a Tamio song in there...

  7. Mine shipped a few days ago via cdjapan... I remain optoimistic.

  8. is that brand new cd cover like that?