Friday, June 19, 2009

Bring It! In hand...


I'll have my review in a couple of days - haven't even finished listening to the CD the first time yet.

On another note, I know I'm not posting as much these days. I just don't have a lot of time anymore, what with the new business my wife and I have got going on. We actually just got back from Tokyo last week, on a combined vacation/buying trip, and stuff's just been happening so quickly that I can barely keep up lately. (I do still have a full time job too!) Doesn't leave much time for this blog, unfortunately, or for keeping up with PUFFY in general as much as I used to. I honestly feel almost like an outsider at this point.

I did look for PUFFY merchandise while we were there, but didn't find much of anything that I didn't have. They've been out of the public eye a bit even there for a little while now, so I didn't see nearly as much PUFFY-related stuff as I did last time. By contrast, Kimura Kaela was everywhere. (She also has an album coming out this month.) I wish I'd taken a picture when we went to Kinokuniya - literally every other magazine cover in the women's fashion rack was a shot of Kaela.

Anyway, I'll have a review of Bring It! up soon, along with some screen grabs from the DVD. (Yes, the limited version does have the green cover.)


  1. that so amazing show ever from puffy girls and do you giving away this cd or what?

  2. Totally AMAZING!
    Please can you post scans from the cd book?
    I see this blog everyday, so cool!
    Take Care
    See ya

  3. Thanks for keeping us abreast !
    Hope it 'rocks'!


  4. So far I think it's pretty good, if a bit uneven. I think some people will be surprised by what I write about it. I still don't like the songs I've previously said I didn't like, but I do like some of the songs that you might not expect based on that past history.

  5. This is encouraging. I'm still waiting for my copy with some trepidation (at least I didn't combine orders with the upcoming Dareka Ga single to save shipping this time, so Bring It! should be here soon).

    After finally making myself a convenient playlist of all of the singles - both A and B 'sides' - there's no longer any disguising the fact that I don't really like the last three singles (a better video might have helped put over My Story, I suppose). Including Frontier no Pioneer, the only song I do like a lot, on Bring It! would have helped this album, but I guess its omission can be explained by the song's presence on the previous covers collection. Humph.

    Btw, Jeff, while I'm waiting... have you had a chance to review the Judy & Mary tribute yet? My first impression was that Puffy's Mottö was the closest they've come to recording a Lolita No. 18-type song, and although I often regret these hasty comparisons, this one seems to hold up. As tribute albums go, this one has a pretty good lineup, too (Tamio Okuda, Kaela Kimura, Halcali).