Sunday, April 12, 2009

Puffy's Uniqlo T-shirts

You may have seen this weekend that Puffy have announced a collaboration with clothing retailer Uniqlo that involves eight t-shirt designs for eight corresponding songs on the upcoming album BRING IT!. Supposedly they'll even be available overseas - though I don't really believe that. Uniqlo generally doesn't sell the exact same products in the US as Japan. (Sizes are different, for one thing.)

Anyway, they also mentioned that you might see the first t-shirt if you "type in UNIQLO". Well, try it - doesn't really work. You need to actually go to the Japanese version (not the US version!) of Uniqlo's "UT" site, which is not easy to find on Uniqlo's confusingly-laid out main web site (I ended up just Googling it and getting there that way). I only realized later that it's right there at the top right - there's just too much going on at that site.

Hopefully they will have a couple geared more towards guys - I think they probably will. And I do at least hope that they'll be on sale here (at least through the web site), because I can tell you from experience that Uniqlo's "XL" in Japan ain't the same as an XL here.


  1. As my friend who lives in Japan and by US standards is tiny, clothes there make ever her feel fat.

    My experience in Singapore bears much the same... shift at least one size up and it might fit.

  2. i wish the have to coming to visit on bergen norway to consert:)