Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Album: BRING IT!

Well, that's about all we know so far. That and a release date: June 17. Pretty soon! And about what I expected after the tour date announcement.

Quick update: I should check my email once in a while! CD Japan already has some more details:

Description:New full-length album release from Puffy. The songs composed by Butch Walker and Avril Lavigne, Anders Hellgren & David Myhr (Merrymakers), Ringo Shiina, Sawao Yamanaka (the pillows), Masahiko Shimura (Fujifabric), Yuta Saito and more. Limited edition includes bonus DVD featuring footage from their US West Coast tour in 2005.

Arrrrrrrrrrgh - why can't the 2005 footage be from the show I went to?? Well, in any case, it should be great - though it's strange that they're mining a tour four years ago for footage. How about giving us the rest of the Shibuya AX show from last year? Well, I shouldn't be so picky.

The title... are Ami and Yumi gonna don boxing gloves for the cover? It's a little weird. But whatever. I kind of figured that'd be the title after the tour was announced - usually their tour names have some relation to the album titles, and there aren't very many possible variations of the phrase "bring it!"

I'm just happy to have some new music from them, and more than just a single (those shipping costs are adding up!).

CD Japan purchase link to the right. (I appreciate all the orders, those of you who have been using my links!) That "no image" will hopefully be replaced soon.


  1. From the list of songwriters, I think we can assume that the last three singles are going to be well represented (possibly both A and B "sides"). The only person not mentioned is Tamio Okuda... but didn't Yuta Saito produce his "Frontier no Pioneer"?

    > The title... are Ami and Yumi gonna don boxing gloves for the cover?

    Not again! (Oh well, it's been a while since "Electric Beach Fever".)

  2. Oops! I'd forgotten about that consciously - I must have remembered it subconsciously. A clear image of them facing the camera wearing boxing gloves popped into my head as soon as I heard this title, but with no memory associated with it.

    I still can't think where that image would have been used, though - that was one of Rodney A. Greenblat's covers. Was it on the back?

  3. Cooilio, I may wait and do my bulk CDjapan order with this album rather than with the covers album.... that way I can spread shipping across several albums.

    But 2 Puffy albums in one year... that too is interesting as the covers album probably could have been sand bagged...

  4. The boxing gloves thing isn't from the single art. It may have been from a Puffy book. What I was thinking of was the promo video for "Electric Beach Fever".

    Ami and Yumi were still doing the mimed boxing moves on the Honeycreeper tour.

  5. Let me guess............ STILL NO RELEASE FOR U.S.

    I cannot afford to buy the import..... however, my mom & aunt might be heading for Japan at the end of the year......

    Hope it's a great record, I know you'll tell us.


  6. it's on the official page that there will be Bring it! t-shirts selling in every part of the world (United States, United Kingdom, France, Korea, China and Hong Kong)

    ha! funny! for years I thought they never even knew Europe existed haha XD

    I'm pissed off about that 'cause there won't be sales in my coutry .-.
    funny because they even did some CM's here, and some songs, even a phoshoot
    but I mean... Hong Kong? õ_o