Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Puffy Tour 2009: "Bring it"?!

The official PUFFY blog announced two things today:

1) an original album is "coming out soon" (yay)

2) 2009 tour to go along with it!


July 11 (Sat) FUKUOKA IMZ Hall
July 12 (Sun) HIROSHIMA Club Quattro
July 14 (Tue) OSAKA Namba Hatch
July 15 (Wed) NAGOYA Diamond Hall
July 17 (Fri) FUKUI Hibiki Hall
July 19 (Sun) SHIBUYA C.C. Lemon Hall
July 23 (Thur) NAGANO Tomi City Cultural Hall Sun Terrace Hall

The tour dates imply that this original album will be very soon after the release of the forthcoming cover album. And hopefully releasing the two so close together means that this new album will be all original, which I was honestly not expecting at this point. This announcement is actually really good news, the more I think about it.

If you read the blog, they titled the post "PUFFY Tour 2009 Bring It" - I'm hoping that's just the name of the post, and not the name of the tour.

By the way, yet again I am going to miss them by about five days. This is the third time this has happened. Last time I missed them by less than 48 hours. I've been planning a trip to Japan for late July/early August, and unfortunately I can't move it up, I can only move it back. Argh!


  1. Good news that they are touring... It will be interesting to see if they make another US tour... Then again maybe their gambit here has played out, Honeycreeper ha snot even seen a US release.

    Not even going to talk about them staying mostly to the coasts... But it took me 15 years to see Shonen Knife... I guess I can be patient.

  2. Well it was interesting that they even did that little mini-tour of the west coast last time. They weren't really promoting the US release of Honeycreeper, because even if it did come out, it would have still been months away at the time. And they were selling the Japanese release at the shows, which was strange too, because every Japanese CD they sold at those shows was a US CD that they probably wouldn't have sold.

    So I wonder what they were doing. Either they were testing the waters, or they just like coming here and maybe it's even still profitable for them. (Usually concerts are the most profitable thing for the bands themselves, because most of that money goes right to them - as opposed to selling records, where most of the profit goes to the label.)

    So who knows, I am still hoping they come back to the east coast, since it's our turn :)

  3. I suspect there is enough people on the west coast to make a modest tour profitable. It would be interesting to track down to promoter.

    Yes indeed! Tours are usually the most profitable enterprise for bands. On albums artists are usually paid last...

    I would say it is the middle's turn! But I doubt that will happen. If they come back I will be sorely tempted to make a micro vacation out of it, as Puffy touring in the US is the closest they have gotten to me is Chicago. If I could time my Asian trips to their touring I would open jaw a few days in Tokyo... Having a couch to crash on there is a great option..

    As for CD's, I tend to buy both the US and Japanese releases (which is scant few really), but I am a completist when it comes to my music library. So I am not sure how many sales they would lose. But I agree it would be some.

    Great blog BTW... doing a Puffy blog has been on my to do list, but I never seem to get around to it with my other blogging enterprises... so it is great to see someone doing a blog that I genuinely enjoy.

  4. they really should tour on other places.. like the rest of America at least once I guess(with that I mean Brazil, and especially its capital Brasilia hahaha XD) or Europe...