Thursday, March 19, 2009

Honeycreeper "scrapped tracks"?

This is more of a question than anything else. Because I don't know the answer to this, and obviously somebody out there does.

In trying to verify something I was about to write in another post, I happened to check wikipedia for the track listing to Honeycreeper. (It's been a while since I listened to it, and it was easier to find than my own post on the subject!) I noticed that a user named Crazyandy18 added the following section on November 5, 2008:

Scrapped Tracks

* "My Story (Later released as a single) - 3:42
* "All Because Of You (Later released as a single) - 2:31
* "Kuchibiru Motion (Considered as a single, but never had its official release) - 4:06
* "Furontia No Paionia/Frontier No Pioneer" (Later used as a B-Side on "All Because Of You") - 3:50
* "Twilight Shooting Star" (Later used as a B-Side for "My Story") - 2:43
* "Neji Potion" (Later featured on "Oriental Diamond/Kuchibiru Motion" physical release) - 4:02
* "Shooting Stars" (Featured on Japanese edition of "Boom Boom Beat") - 3:22
* "Clearance" (Leaked on the Internet two weeks before "Honeycreeper" official release) - 4:22
* "Nothing There" (Only an intrumental and a demo by another male singer) - 3:10
* "Moon/Sun" (Set to be release, cancelled) - 4:01
* "Forget How My Voice Sounds" (Instrumental version leaked, unknown real name, a fan name was given) - 4:57

No sources are given. This is actually a no-no on wikipedia. Unsourced information should really be deleted (and clearly some of it is wrong, as ABOY was recorded later and Kuchibiru Motion most definitely was released), but this is interesting enough to leave up for now and try to verify. So I'm looking for verification. I'd also like to hear some of these songs, a few of which I didn't know existed.

I do check various "underground" sites for Puffy stuff periodically, but I've never seen or heard these songs that were allegedly "leaked on the internet". Have any of you?

And maybe more to the point, are one of you guys Crazyandy18?

UPDATE: I deleted the ones that were obviously wrong and added citation requests to the rest. I'm still holding out some hope that these "leaked tracks" actually exist.


  1. No I'm pretty sure this is fake (like 98% sure)
    Songs like My Story and ABOY were recorded after honeycreeper.
    It is wikipedia and this sort of stuff happens often although it is unusual that its happened with a Puffy article, this sort of stuff usually happens with bigger artists.

  2. See my update - I'm going to keep an eye on it and remove them if nobody updates with sources.

    I've made a bunch of edits to both the band and their personal pages there over the years... I'm not sure what state they're in right now (I'm sort of afraid to look) but there is almost always some bit of clearly made up and defamatory information there. Both of their pages had "trivia" sections at one point that were just nothing but lies.

  3. Oh! This is really old! I can't believe anybody changed that yet... õ_o

    on somebody posted this ( I also discussed with Neji about the absud stuff there)

    I think people should stop getting wasted an then post on wikipedia...