Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The EMS man came yesterday to deliver my copy of "Hiyori Hime" - and unfortunately I wasn't home, so I had to trudge down to the post office and pick it up today. But, bad news! My new ThinkPad, which is now officially the worst computer I have ever owned, apparently has the one DVD drive in the world that cannot be region cracked in any known way. So, it's basically a paperweight to me, because I never use my computer DVD drive for anything but watching foreign DVD's. Seriously, I don't like to indict entire nations but this is the last time I buy a computer designed and built in China. It's shit like this, on top of all my other problems with this thing and my Acer before it, that ruins reputations. Anybody want to buy a lightly used ThinkPad?

So the full review will have to wait until at least tomorrow, when I can use my problem-free desktop, which was designed and built by me. I can build computers better than Lenovo.

What I can say is that I don't remember the packaging for the last few CD's being as nice as this:

I don't think they came in a slip case, even the limited versions. The jewel case itself also feels chunkier; it's that thick, smooth plastic kind with the slightly rounded corners that first-press full-length Japanese CD's sometimes come with but singles rarely do. I'll have to check again, but I'm pretty sure this is a step up from their recent packaging.

I'm still not sure if I like the single itself; that decision will wait until tomorrow. I'm leaning, though, towards saying that I don't.

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