Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Netscope Amigator Refresh

For only about the second time in as long as I've been following them, Ami's official blog has received a software update and gets a new web address along with it. Now, her blog is quite old and was more than due for an upgrade. She's been blogging since at least 1999 - 1997 if you believe the copyright notice! (Those posts don't seem to be archived, if they ever existed.) That's longer than I've been blogging (either here or anywhere else), longer than most people have even known the word "blog". Her blog is so old that some of her fans think "Netscope Amigator" is a play on "Alligator" rather than the old-school web browser Netscape Navigator. She's hardcore. But her relatively ancient blog software was clearly holding her back. She'd been complaining recently that it was too hard for her to upload photos, and there was no RSS feed for fans to keep track of when she updates.

Well, the new blog hopefully remedies all that - you can at least see that she's got two RSS and one Atom feed now, so she can now push out posts to subscribers. It seems to be based on the same software that the staff diary uses. Hopefully we'll also get some more photos now too!

Check out the new blog here.

1 comment:

  1. I feel it.

    There's always for checking up on old, deceased pages. Internet detectiveship at its finest. XD It doesn't work all the time.. and for robots.text, you're out of luck. (Meaning I can't check out in its heyday before Sony laid the smackdown on LikSang's plans to import PS3s to Europe.)

    BUT ANYHOW--Babelfish has certainly been my friend for pages like Ami's.

    Ami's old posts are only accessible via the old-format and you need Japanese text-encoding.