Friday, February 1, 2008

J! Ent on the Honeysweeper Tour

Gadzooks! This one almost got by me!

J! Ent managed to get a photographer in to Puffy's House of Blues show in California last year, and they've now compiled their best photos from the show into a downloadable PDF. These are probably the largest photos you're going to see from the Honeysweeper tour, so git downloading!

While you're at the J! Ent site, check out all of their past interviews with the girls - they've been talking to them nearly every year since 2000.

By the way... I've been itching to do one of my longer, more in-depth posts - just haven't had time lately. Maybe this weekend! (Update: Forgot about the Super Bowl. I'll write something soon, though.)


  1. Ah, this was the best day of my life...The day at the Key Club, too. I still remember that day so was amazing!

  2. That's why I like these blogs/independent sites so much. Especially for the relatively niche band that is Puffy, content from people like you counts so much more. I look forward to your article.


  3. Yeah, I checked out J! Ent a month ago or so, and it's amazing reading old interviews. It just moves me that they've come so far, especially in America.

    I also found out that Yumi wanted to be a flight stewardess. I knew Ami did, but not Yumi! That was funny. Especially since she wanted to be one because of a show. Maybe they should have a PV where they're stewardessess.

  4. I didn't actually realize Yumi also wanted to be a flight attendant. Which show inspired that? I know of a couple of shows about airlines in the 90's in Japan.