Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Green Power Live 2008 Show Reports

On February 19, PUFFY played the Green Power Live 2008 concert along with mihimaru GT、絢香 (Ayaka)、and J to S. I don't really know any of the other three acts too well, although I've heard some of Ayaka's stuff and saw her CD's for sale when I was in Japan last.

This was a concert held at Zepp Tokyo to promote "green" power to help combat global warming. PUFFY are not really big on politics or issues, but global warming seems to be their cause célèbre.

Anyway, as promised, below are the show reports I've collected so far - and there could be a couple more added over time, you never know. As always, for English speakers, you can try using something like Google Language Tools to translate.

Here's the official set list taken from the Puffy staff diary:

1. boom boom beat
2. Oriental Diamond
3. Kimi to O-tobai
4. Closet Full Of Love
5. Electric Beach Fever
6. Tokyo I'm On My Way
7. Hi Hi
8. Basket Case
9. Asia no Junshin

And the few event reports I've found so far (all in Japanese):

The staff diary has a few small photos from the show as well. There are honestly a couple of other little writeups about the evening's festivities out there, but the remaining ones don't even mention Puffy. There were four bands playing, so of course some of the other bands' fans are posting from their perspective only. I'm still debating whether to add these as I find them.


  1. Hey, I was at Green Power Live and it was an AWESOME show. Three hours of some big name acts...well, never heard of JtoS before, but that's probably why they played first.

    It was my first time listening to Puffy. I hadn't listened to them much before, thinking they were all just kiddy music (because of their show on CN). I was impressed, they played a very solid pop-punk set and I gained an appreciation for their music after that night.

    They did have the unenviable task of playing after mihimaru GT and before ayaka, and they also played the longest set of the night at 9 songs. Their energy was awesome, though, and Ami & Yumi know how to work a crowd.

    The thing about concerts in Japan is that photography isn't allowed at all...which I just don't understand. So naturally, all you'll find on blogs are pictures of the billboard out front and of the entrance of Zepp Tokyo. Hopefully some official photos or magazine coverage will have more.

    I did sneak a picture of the stage before the performance, it was all done up like a rain forest. I'll need more photos for my writeup, though. =(

    Cool site!

  2. Thanks for that report, Ray! And thanks for your compliment on the site.

    Yeah, they can be pretty addicting live. I think that's really where they sell themselves. I didn't think much of them until I first saw them live either; after that, I was hooked. So, not surprising to me to hear that they had a similar effect on you.