Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tomodachi no Wow Single

Still a month away from the release of "Tomodachi no Wow!" on 5/23. As has been mentioned in comments the single is being used for the end credits for the children's program "Shimajiro no Wao!" (rather good timing considering Yumi is due to be a mom).

I did some scrounging and translations for the track list (and will correct this as better information becomes available):

1. Tomodachi no Wow!
2. Tomodachi no Wow (Let's play, Shimajiro! Version)
3. Tomodachi no Wow! (Karaoke)
4. Tomodachi no Wow! (TV ending)

The deluxe edition comes with sheet music and a DVD of the video. The sheet music is an interesting touch, but to me this is somewhat lackluster deluxe single.  I think the best deluxe singles Puffy has released have been with songs from concerts.  The price delta is about 335 yen (or a touch over four dollars), so there is not much of a push to pick the deluxe over the single based on what I see.

On first blush I am not sure if four versions of "Tomodachi no Wow!" are enough to get me excited about the single. However I am willing to be proven wrong and I am looking forward to hearing the song.

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