Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Tomodachi no Wow!" PV

Here is the promotional video for "Tomodachi no Wow!"

I like the video quite a bit, it is the fun style of video Puffy has done well with over the years. The vocal deliveries are really quite exceptional and I do not mind that they are slightly over produced. "Tomodachi no Wow!" is a synth heavy song... to the point I am not sure if a drum machine is being used. While it makes "Sunrise" seem organic by comparison, the track is solid yet cute.

I am not sure when the video was shot, but my feel is that this was fairly recent as Yumi looks pregnant, thought the costumes do quite a bit to hide this. I really admire that, entertainment is a business that (for better or worse) based on looks, luckily she is positively glowing as a mom to be.

Over all I guess I like "Tomodachi no Wow!" which given I eschew towards the more rocking Puffy songs probably says quite a bit.

P.S. My friend Noriko-chan was over tonight and her interpretation of the song title was "Circle of Friends"

(h/t to the always resourceful hareonna20)

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