Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Big Yumi News

Great news from Puffy! Yumi is going to be a mother this summer!

Having children is perhaps the most challenging thing we can do in this life, it is also often the most personally rewarding. I am overjoyed for Yumi and her husband and wish then all the best!

Yumi is well along and looking quite healthy via the fitness blog a guest posted shared in comments.

I figured this would be a possibility in the very near term, and according to jpopasia Yumi is planning on doing all things Puffy for the time being. Ami showed that parenting and Puffy can operate in harmony, so I am not too worried about the future of Puffy.

P.S. I can surmise so many people know about my being a fan of Puffy that several people threw this news item my way today!
(photo credit to Curvy Body)

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