Monday, December 21, 2009

Puffy's Word Of The Year

Not much going on with Puffy right now. The not-to-be US tour sort of took the wind out of my sales… sort of a blogging equivalent to being hung-over after a particularly bitter night of drinking. I have been noodling around with a couple of blog entries, but none of them are working out to be worthy of publishing… for free.

There must be a word for that, but in the spirit of made up words…here are Puffy’s first top made up words of the year via their MySpace blog:

10th place is "shishiko"
For Yunpoke readers, you may know already but
it's the name of the stray cat Yumi sees on her walks.

9th place is "Taxi kara no Koda" (Koda heard in the taxi)
AmiYumi & Manager Toshi were on the cab when they suddenly heard Kumi Koda's "Koi no Tsubomi".
It wasn't the radio or CD, it was....
the ringtone from the 60 year old taxi driver (LOL).
I wasn't there but heard it was so hard not to laugh.

8th place is "Kotona"
It's the word between "Kodomo (kid)" and "Otona (adult)".
An adult that's still a kid or a Kid that's turing into an adult
or it can even mean an adult that can't fully become an adult yet.
There's so many words AmiYumi create but this is by far a great one.

7th place is "Mitopuri"
This is the name of a hotel that the managers stayed at this year.
It sounds like the abbreviation of the famous hotel chain in Japan.
But it was not related at all.

6th place is "Hiro Mizushima"
This is the nickname of Shunsuke Watanabe, PUFFY band's keyboard player.
In Ami's "Tomodach Collection" game, he is married to Ami's daughter (LOL).

5th place is "RIEMO"
What is this....first check the picture...

This is a mysterious group that AmiYumi discovered while they were beat from all the promotion.
Every perfecture they went for promo...they saw flyers of these guys and heard them on the radio.
Now AmiYumi are huge fans of RIEMO (LOL).

4th place is "Tojitive"
The meaning was written in Ami's blog in March...
I was talking to Toshiko yesterday,
and found a really handy word.
"Not in the mood"
"Nothing is going right"
"Black cat walked in front of me"
If that is you!!!
It's ok!!!
It's alright to think that way!!
Until you feel like your in the mood,
Until things start getting better,
Until the day you own your own cute black cat,
Just face it as it is
cause you're just closed on positivity right now...This is,

3rd place is "Kossetsu Musume (broken rib girl)"
This was Yumi's nickname when she broke her rib while driving.
Of course she's totally better now.

2nd place is "Kakatte Koiya"
This is AmiYumi's translation of "Bring it!" which was the title of the album released in June.

1st place is "Asesu"
This is the plural of "Ase (sweat)".
It was the word that was created when the summer tour was going on and
ever since everyone on the PUFFY team started using it.

I find this sort of silly and/or weird blog entries by bands to be wonderful. So many bands simply give release dates, appearances and generally dry material. Hat tip to the staffer who translated it.


  1. Unlike those who feel that language is a sacred institution and as a result dislike slang, I've always enjoyed the coining of new words. Seems like it shows that language is resilient and always open to change (or at least, a little playfulness). Words like "kotona" seem to express the quality I'm talking about, although it's hard for me to judge the real effect as a non-Japanese speaker.

    On the other hand, as someone approaching the wrong side of sixty years old, I have to wonder about their 9th place choice. Would "Puffy heard in the car" be as funny? I do get a few looks.

    Good fun... these kinds of blog posts offer an amusing insight into the minds of Ami, Yumi and crew.

    Merry Christmas, all, btw!

  2. I thought it was one of the more fun things they have posted up on their myspace blog, which is usually oddly translated (that or odd turns of phrase that were precisely translated...) snippets from Ami.

    It is all good, but it is nice to see a cohesive blog from them.

    Now what I find interesting is Yumi never seems to "blog," it is always Ami. Which is an odd juxtaposition to when Ami was preganant and shoertly thereafter when it was Yumi that was doign all the heavy lifting for the duo.