Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Last Puffy Performance of 2009

Countdown Japan 0910 marks the last performance for Puffy of the year (or decade depending on how you count...). Puffy was the first artist to go on stage on Monday's openign of Countdown Japan and they are in good company as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Unicorn and Kaela Kimura also were performing later in the day.

To honor the memory of Fujifabric's Masahiko Shimura, who passed away about a week ago, Puffy changed up their set list to include DOKI DOKI. Masahiko Shimura wrote that song and Bye-Bye, both of which were tracks on Puffy's album Bring it!

Here is the complete set list from Countdown Japan 0910:

1. Jet Keisatsu
2. Ai no Shirushi
3. Boom Boom Beat
4. Tokyo I'm On My Way
5. Darekaga
6. Bring it on
7. Nagisa ni Matsuwaru etc.
8. Asia no Junshin

Better yet, here are some fantastic pictures from Puffy's performance.

Photo credit: Rockin'on Inc.

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  1. Finally!!! Some decent quality live video from this show.