Friday, November 21, 2008

Yumi's in a New Movie

Yumi Yoshimura's set to star in the Japanese remake of "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" simply called "Heaven's Door", set for release February 7. It's a small part - some have called it a "cameo" - although she's got her own page on the web site's "cast" section (pictured above). No mention on IMDB, though.

The original film's about a couple of criminals suffering from an incurable disease who basically go on a cross-country crime spree before one of them dies. The remake replaces the two adult male protagonists with one adult male and one 14 year old girl. (What else? It is Japan.) I'm not sure what role Yumi's playing, but perhaps the Japanese text up there tells us - if I find out later, I'll update.

For those new to the whole Puffy thing, this is not the first movie role for Yumi - IMDB lists four previous acting stints. That includes her starring role in "The Neighbor No. 13", in which she played the female lead. She's really a pretty good actress. A versatile artiste!

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