Thursday, November 13, 2008

InRed cover; defective computer!

So I got my new computer and it's defective! Or at least built like crap. Click the link for the full story and photos. It's going back to IBM/Lenovo. So my posting might still be a little sporadic until I get it back. (I have it right now, but it's probably getting re-packed up tomorrow.)

Anyway, one tidbit of news is that Puffy will be on the cover of InRed magazine next month. I'm pretty sure their English blog translation is wrong - it's not the December issue (which is out now), it's the issue coming out in December. That would be the January issue.

InRed loves Puffy. But I doubt they're being put on the cover for nothing. Think they'll have something to promote? I think so. And hopefully not just a book. Maybe even more than a single.

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