Monday, November 3, 2008

MOW CM - New Song "Doki Doki"

New song, written by Shimura Masahiko of Fujifabric.

Tough to judge anything from 15 seconds, but it sounds like it could be fun in the context of an album. Doesn't have the feel of a song that really stands on its own. We'll see how they actually release it.

Sounds pretty garage, actually, which could be really cool. But I've gotta hear more before I can really say one way or another.

1 comment:

  1. The song has definite possibilities but there's so much variety in most Puffy songs that sampling a few seconds puts one in the classic position of the blindfolded guy trying to understand an elephant. I want to hear the whole thing!

    The commercial is fun. It's 70 degrees here in early November and that MOW ice cream looks good. As do Ami and Yumi. I don't know if it's because video quality has generally gotten better and better with time, but I'm really starting to enjoy these CM spots.

    Thanks for posting this.