Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Puffy at Rock in Japan Festival 2008 - Video!

Thanks to timwamoonface for posting this at the forums, and obviously to Uutygfavailable for uploading to YouTube in the first place.

You probably read my previous post about Puffy's appearance at Rock in Japan Festival 2008; now we've got video of the event:

Basket Case

Asia no Junshin

My Story

They don't sound the best I've heard them sound live, but I think partly it's the venue and having to use the house sound system. They never sound as good at festivals as they do when playing alone - just one more reason why festivals suck.

And for those who care, click the following link for a bonus clip of Kimura Kaela singing at the same festival - in a miniskirt! Probably not the most advisable outfit when the cameraman is shooting from below the stage.


  1. when I looked to Yumi's clothes I thought: "WTF?? ÕÔ"

    it's not as nice as other festivals they'd been to

  2. Yeah, probably not my favorite outfits either. Their fashion lately has been a little... different. Which is cool in one way, but not all of it really works. I don't think these are among their more successful outfits.