Monday, October 20, 2008


I'm in a rut. Feel like I've got nothing to post. I'm gonna do a review of something, sometime this week. Know why? Because every time I spend a lot of time writing a review of something Puffy does, they make some major announcement that pushes my review down the page and out of everybody's consciousness and basically renders all my work moot. So hopefully by writing something long-form, I'll jinx myself again and bring on some news.

In the meantime, here's an episode of Hey! Hey! Hey! that I hadn't seen before to keep you entertained:

The hairstyles would put it in the "Illustrated History" era.


  1. huahauahauahu nice one
    neve seen this before
    it is from 2002 (The Hit Parade era), right?

  2. Yes, probably 2002. It must have been right around the time they did the cover for Illustrated History; their hair looks pretty much exactly the same. Yumi's hair is a little longer on Hit Parade, though I don't know if it grew or if she cut it (in other words, I'm not sure which album cover came first).