Friday, October 24, 2008

New Book "Tsuki Ichi" Announced

Yep, only a few details at the moment. It's mostly a collection of essays written by Ami and Yumi, apparently. 200 pages. At least one photo (and probably more):

Here is the link to the book on the publisher's web site. It'll sell for 1,575 yen, or about $15.

200 pages is pretty significant. Their last book "Ayumi" was around that size, and it's considered something of a bible of their entire history, with lots of details that weren't previously common knowledge.

I'll add more once there's more to post. As usual these days, Puffy's staff claim "not to be able to" say more yet. I admit that I'm a little surprised by this announcement, but I'm definitely looking forward to the book.

If anyone in Japan would like to fill us in on any more you might know from their Japanese blog posts, please leave a comment. Is this a collection of their magazine columns? Or something new?

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  1. I think the collection is from their mobile phone columns, which I guess are only available to those who live in Japan. Theyve been doing photoshoots for the book for the past month so hopefully theres lots of photos in there to keep those of us who cant read japanese(me) entertained. But should be interesting anyway.